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Captiva – Empty Chair

March 22, 2016

An empty chair can be esoteric.

Simple, yet complex.

When occupied, it bears the weight of the individual. It serves as a place to share laughter, love and conversation.

When empty, only traces of the individual remain. A worn patch on the wood, or a stain from a spill long forgotten.

Where there was once laughter and conversation, there is only silence. The silence is anything but comfortable.

As time passes, the chair will no longer serve as a reminder of a love lost too soon. It will remind us of the laughter, love and joy it once held.

Until then, it will remain empty.

empty_4I wrote this our first night on the patio after the kids fell asleep. Dinner that night was rather difficult, a flood of emotions overcame me once I looked at the empty fourth chair. It will get easier over time, but until then, I know a piece of us will always be missing when we sit down for dinner.

Take advantage of those moments tonight at the dinner table. Listen, learn and love while you sit there with your family. You won’t be disappointed.


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