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May 2016


A Mother’s Weekend – Part 2

May 26, 2016

“True friends are the ones that give you that shoulder to lean on, the hand to hold onto, the strength to stand, and the love to love.”

I would never have made it through Mother’s Day had it not been for my friends. I woke up exhausted – physically and emotionally from the previous day, but I knew I had a large group of people behind me to give me the strength to make it through the day.

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A Mother’s Weekend – Part 1

May 19, 2016

Life came at me pretty hard two weekends ago; I was dealt a 1-2 combo straight to the heart. Saturday was my wife’s birthday which was then followed by Mother’s day. I knew I was going to get thrown around and pummeled, but I told myself I wouldn’t let the weekend beat me, no matter how bad it hurt.

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May 6, 2016

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’ ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

My son and I have deep conversations before bedtime; it’s made me realize how introspective my little 8yr old is. This week, he asked a question that left me at a loss for words. He said, “Daddy, is it true that if you love someone more than anything in the world, they’ll only be in your life for a short time? And, if you’re miserable with someone, they’ll be in your life forever?”

Did he just ask if it was worth falling in love?

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