A Mother’s Weekend – Part 2

May 26, 2016

“True friends are the ones that give you that shoulder to lean on, the hand to hold onto, the strength to stand, and the love to love.”

I would never have made it through Mother’s Day had it not been for my friends. I woke up exhausted – physically and emotionally from the previous day, but I knew I had a large group of people behind me to give me the strength to make it through the day.

Mother’s Day was amazing. All I had to do was show up. My friends planned and organized the entire day. There were chalk drawings all along the path next to the pavilion honoring Laura, a tremendous amount of food was prepared, music played, people laughed, and everyone had a great time. The day was capped off with a pink balloon send off along with a special gift from the community – a large pool umbrella with the initials “LW” enclosed in a heart that only my kids and I get to use at our local Swim and Tennis Club.

To say that the “Mom to Remember” Picnic was a huge success is an understatement. I easily counted 70 people at one point. All there for one reason, to show their love and support for a family who lost a Mom too soon. Many of those in attendance were there for us every step of the way these past 2.5 years – the diagnosis, the treatment, the remission, the relapse, and eventually her finals days. I know it wasn’t easy for them, and I’m sure many are still grieving the loss of their friend, however, I will never forget the goodwill they gave us and continue to extend to us. I know that I will always be there for them whenever they need it. As I write this, I can confidently say I’m in a better place mentally and physically because of their support these past four months.

The grief comes in waves now, but it’s easier to handle when you have a community of shoulders to lean on and to love when you need it most.

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