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Loss, Life, and Loving Again

November 17, 2018

This post is a bit long but worth the read. It’ll put the above photos into context and paint a picture of loss, life, and loving again.

Two weeks after Laura passed away, I was perusing Facebook late at night when I scrolled past a page recommendation for Jeremy Camp, an award-winning Christian rock musician. I clicked on it and immediately learned that he had written a book called, “I Still Believe.” This memoir chronicled his life, but most importantly went into great depth about several aspects of his life – the loss of his first wife to ovarian cancer; his struggles with his faith because of the loss; and ultimately finding love again. I ordered the book without hesitation and finished it within a week.

After I finished the book, I told “Alexa” to shuffle Jeremy Camp since I had never listened to his music before, and by the third song I was literally on my knees in the kitchen, a crumpled mass of a human being trying to wrestle with all of the feelings that overcame me as I listened to the lyrics. The lyrics were powerful and profound, they cut to the core of my soul and spoke to me directly. Everything I was questioning about God and why he would allow such pain was being answered and flowing from the lyrics. From that point forward, his music was on a continuous loop in my house for easily five months. During that time, I continued to struggle with loss and my faith, but as the months went on my faith continued to strengthen along with the possibility of finding love again.

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